Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives. Everyone has his/her own ways of dealing with difficulties. It happens, however, that our own ways are not enough, and the problems we are struggling with begin to impede normal functioning. Then it is worth considering getting professional help. Probably if you found yourself here, your problems have begun to overwhelm you and you are looking for psychological help or psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is a process in which goals are planned jointly by the client and psychotherapist. Psychotherapy is a special conversation – where there is a place primarily for the client, his problems, emotions, thoughts and desires. Where there is the space for conversation in an atmosphere of security, respect and trust. Where there is no judgement, no criticism, no hurry.

In order for the process to lead to the desired change and better coping with suffering, active participation and involvement of the patient is needed, therefore the decision to undertake psychotherapy must be voluntary and thoughtful. It usually starts with consultations (1 – 2 meetings), during which there is a preliminary orientation regarding the client’s life situation, initial identification of problems and selection of working methods.

Sometimes it turns out that there is no need for psychotherapy and just a few consultations to get back to balance or sort out some matters. If the problem is complex and the patient expresses his readiness, he or she decides to start psychotherapy. Its length is determined individually and depends on the specificity of the problem. Meetings are held once a week and last 50 minutes.

I conduct psychotherapy in the integration trend – it means using the achievements of various trends and the possibility of using various techniques and methods of work, which I individually adjust to the problem and the person who reports to me.